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Love stories that touch the heart, from classic romance to contemporary relationships.

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Adventure literature full of action, exploration and discovery.

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A magical world of children’s books for young readers, full of amazing adventures and lessons.

Pages that come to life in your imagination

About Us

Welcome to Epic Read, where every book opens the gateway to new worlds and every subscription is an invitation to incredible adventures. At Epic Read, our passion for books becomes a mission: to give you unlimited access to an ocean of stories that enliven the imagination and enrich the soul.

At Epic Read, we believe that great stories can change us and the way we see the world. That’s why we carefully select our range, offering you subscriptions that cover everything from thrilling adventures and profound dramas to fascinating scientific discoveries and inspiring biographies. Our library is constantly growing, bringing you the best stories from around the world.

At Epic Read, we’re also committed to building a community of book lovers. We invite you to share your thoughts, discuss what you read and make friends among like-minded people. We believe that reading brings people together and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Join us at Epic Read and start your unique literary journey. Let each book bring you new ideas, inspiration and unforgettable experiences.

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